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Michigan Water Heater Gas Piping


Water Heater Gas Piping

Gas piping safely installed and connected to our appliances is absolutely critical. Our Michigan water heater gas piping team of licensed and experienced professionals can ensure that new or existing piping is properly and safely installed and maintained. Shut off valves are installed at strategic heights for ease of view and quick access. Talk to our knowledgeable staff about incoming supply pressures, distances to appliances and piping diameters before the job is started to guarantee proper operation of your new equipment.

We can also help you install the gas piping to new fireplace logs, wall heaters, and garage heaters. If you have copper tubing going to the dryer or stove, then it needs to be updated to rigid piping. Keep in mind that most retailers now have a delivery policy to return the appliance until you have the necessary improvements.

Michigan water heater gas piping systems can be tested with high pressure air to safeguard against leaks. We also have electronic gas detectors that can quickly and accurately detect flammable vapors, helping to keep you safe in your home.



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