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Michigan Water Distribution


Water Distribution

We have a team of Michigan water distribution experts. The water distribution for your home or building is critical to have in proper working order. Additionally, there are a variety of piping materials used to convey potable water safely to each fixture, and we can help you maintain your water piping, and make repairs as necessary.

The most important part of water distribution is the emergency shut off valves. We can quickly evaluate the condition of your valves and replace when necessary. New shut off valves save you hassles in the future when maintenance is needed, or are in good working order for that unexpected emergency. Trust us for all your Michigan water distribution needs.

Our knowledgeable Michigan water distribution team can help with many other improvements too!

Adding a new fixture or relocating a sink? We can easily install the new hot and cold piping needed. We properly calculate the sizing, and adhere to all applicable codes when installing new water piping. Replacing or adding a new hose faucet? We recommend a quality brass faucet for years of trouble free operation.

Upgrade to a commercial style frost free hydrant with a quarter-turn valve feature. Our frost free hose bibbs automatically come with the anti-siphon feature already built in – no more leaky, bulky vacuum breakers. Install an outside faucet with a mixing valve feature. This faucet mixes hot and cold water with a single handle, and lets you control the water temperature. It is so nice to be able to wash the car or garden tools with warm water. How about filling the kid’s pool, or washing the family dog with warm water? I know they would sure appreciate it!



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