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Water Filtration and Purification

As Michigan water conditioning experts, we recommend a filter on the water piping for a variety of reasons. Mechanically speaking, filters help keep piping, valves, and fixtures clean and clear of sediment build-up. In addition, a filter reduces wear and tear on appliances, and keeps components clean in dishwashers and washing machines.

Drinking and cooking water is something everybody wants, but all Michigan water conditioning is not created equally. In the city, the treatment and purification plant does a good job to purify our drinking water, but by the time it gets to your home or office it has travelled miles of old underground piping. A simple filter could remove sediment, chlorine, and odors, and greatly improve the quality of water you drink and cook with.

At the very least, one should seriously consider putting a filter on water piping to the refrigerator water dispenser and ice maker. Better yet, our Michigan water conditioning team can upgrade to a reverse osmosis system to deliver the cleanest water possible.

Another convenient filtration point is a whole house filter at the water service entry or water meter. Those that are sensitive to chlorine can put a filter at your shower head. Filtering out unwanted chemicals in our drinking water will benefit your family and pets tremendously.

Call us, and we would be happy to help you select the best filtration device to match your needs, budget and specifications. We also help with the installation and replacement of filters and cartridges.



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