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A Michigan sump pump or de-watering device is located in many homes and commercial buildings. These pumps are installed in pits or baskets that receive rain or storm water that is collected, and then pumped away to a desirable location. These pumps are automatic and run quite well for approximately 3 - 5 years. However, once the pump fails or gets to the replacement age, a new sump pump is required.

We can help you select the best product for your Michigan sump pump needs, and make recommendations for horsepower size, lift capacity, and volume. It is our job to make the selection of a new pump easy for you.

It is essential that a new pump be installed correctly! Our plumbers make sure that all manufacturer’s specifications and all local codes are followed, and we inspect the condition of the existing discharge pipe, the valve, and cleanliness of the pit.

Some homes have unique pump configurations with specific pumps installed. We can help you choose the Michigan sump pump that best suits your circumstances. Drymaster and Shellback 'torpedo' pumps are our specialty. We have relationships with the manufacturers of these pumps and deal direct with the owners. We can repair your specialty sump pump or replace it with that specific model.

Other manufacturers, such as Zoeller, Liberty, and Hydromatic are good, all-purpose pumps that sit down into the pit and are submersed in the water. We can select a pump that is best with either a float switch or a pressure switch. Whatever choice you make, we are here to help you with all your Michigan sump pump needs.



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