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Michigan Recirculating Pumps


Recirculating Pumps

Michigan recirculating pumps are vital in maintaining comfort and efficiency in a home or building. The beauty of a recirculating pump is in the simplicity of the function - merely moving water thru a loop. A heating system needs a pump to pull the hot water through the radiators and back to the furnace where it can be re-heated and sent back through the heating zone. A potable hot water system in a house or building needs a recirculating pump and system, especially when fixtures are a long distance away from the water heater.

There are a few ways we can help out. If you have a pump at a boiler type furnace, chances are we can repair the pump, or install a new one. If you have a recirculating pump at the water heater, we can repair or replace that pump too.

We specialize in evaluating existing Michigan recirculating pumps and systems and can advise you how best to improve efficiency and maintenance costs in the future. Ask us about a pump with a timer or aquastat.

Are you waiting more than fifteen seconds for hot water? We can help you select from many Michigan recirculating pumps and systems and determine the perfect choice for your home or business. Better yet, we can do this by installing a pump that requires no new piping and no drywall damage. Give us a call to inquire about our affordable rates! We service and install quality Michigan recirculating pumps made by B&G, Taco, Armstrong, Laing, and Grundfos.



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