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Water control and management


Excessive water management rule, keep it simple! This situation involves an old neighborhood, with old houses built very close to each other. When the downspouts have been disconnected from going to the sewer, too much water is placed on the ground at the walls and footing of the nearby buildings and homes. Too much water at the perimeter of a building will cause excessive seepage to building basements during rain events.
In this situation, the two homeowners agreed to contract www.etchencommercialplumbing.com to install drainage piping to the downspouts and direct all the water to the front of the home, ultimately draining to a storm drain in the street.
Simple and inexpensive, this solution has allowed to better manage the amount of water accumulating under their home. We were able to help these home owners save money by eliminating the need for a very expensive waterproofing job!
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