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Right tools for the job!


Right tools for the job! One of our specialties is installing new plumbing in existing buildings. A Lot of cement and dirt needs to be removed in order to install our new piping.
Recently, a large shopping plaza contracted www.etchencommercialplumbing.com to install new plumbing to accomodate an A.D.A. restroom, drinking fountain, utility tub, and water heater. In order to install our drainage piping, the cement needs to be removed. Shown in the pics, is veteran plumber B.C. operating a Hilti electric powered cement saw, with a vacuum hose connected to a Hilti dust vacuum. Nice straight lines, and risk of damaging adjacent cement is kept to a minimum.

Also featured is a Hilti TE-70 with clay spade attachment and extension for the extra tough dirt removal.  As you can see, the right tools also make for happy plumbers!  Great job guys!

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