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Large diameter hot water piping rebuild

Everyday, a business owner, manager, or property owner, calls us to come out and look at plumbing problems that greatly affect the quality of their operation, and that is long overdue for an overhaul.  Businesses, corporations, and schools trust our firm to correct and improve their building safely and professionally.

Recently, we were called to a high volume coin operated laundromat.  Multiple leaks had developed at a hot water piping manifold serving two boilers and a 500 gallon storage tank.  The leaks were coming from multiple copper solder joints,  and the fittings and copper pipe was too close to each other to make individual repairs. You know the situation is desperate when you have many buckets and containers trying to catch all the drips!


The solution needed in this instance was a complete manifold replacement and rebuild with new full port ball valves, swing check valves, expansion tanks, and dielectric unions.

Above and below showing a 2 1/2" type L copper manifold using the Viega Propress fittings.  This pipe joining method was a perfect fit for two factors:  Speed in pipe and fitting assembly, and superior ratings for high temperature conditions.  The speed in assembling the Viega Propress fittings and pipe was a huge factor to consider while assuring the client that their business would be fully functional by the end of the day.





This facility is open 24 hours every day and is extremely busy!   Minimum downtime for repairs was an absolute priority.  Our mission was to cut out the old manifold and rebuild all the piping with new copper and Viega XL propress fittings and valves, using the Ridgid press tool.  Some components were replaced with copper sweat connections.  Most importantly, the hot water was back on for their customers use by the end of the afternoon.




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