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Large commercial air compressor project


Who installs air compressors? We do! Recently our firm, www.etchencommercialplumbing.com was awarded a contract to supply and install a new air compressor package for a fast growing and large dental facility in Garden City, MI. Many aspects of this job were very technical, so our firm put together a team of experts for our client to make sure everything was perfect.

Our engineer with Ingersoll-Rand sized the equipment needed, and our master electrician assessed available power. Once calculated, we selected a powerful Ingersoll-Rand, Reciprocating Air Compressor with an 80 gallon vertical tank, and weighing an impressive 660 lbs., delivering a whopping 24.2 cfm @ 125 psig!

Talk about investing in equipment that you can grow into! This equipment package included a state of the art Ingersoll-Rand D59ED Nirvana Cycling Refrigerated Dryer, along with a PSG-7 Oil Water Separator, a FA75 IG General Purpose Coalescing Filter, a FA75 IH High Efficiency Coalescing Filter, and finally a FA75 IA Activated Carbon Filter, to insure maximum purity of air delivered to the points of use.

Our team of experts installed this unit in one day! And since the dental office was closed, there was no interruptions in productivity.

So if you are stuck with an exotic, imported air compressor, that is constantly being serviced, because it is woefully undersized for your office needs, then give our team a call, and visit our website for further information. We will be glad to help you through the whole process from design to installation.
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