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Grease traps and interceptors


Following below are pictures of a grease trap replacement job at high volume grocery store in Livonia MI. This job was awarded to our firm, Etchen Commercial Plumbing, due to their confidence in the fact that the job would be done right, overnight, in time for the a.m. work crew to start their shift.

It started out innocently enough, the grease trap was full and overflowing. Management placed a call to our service managers, and a plumber was sent to clean the grease trap. Once our technician was able to clean the trap, it was apparent that the entire grease trap needed replacement. Heavy corrosion of the steel separators within the trap, as well as rusted or missing lock boldts for the lid, and no lid gasket.

A rebuild of this unit was considered, but then the smells from the grease trap just kept growing. Finally, it was observed that the grease trap was losing its water level, seeping through the bottom of the steel container into the surrounding sand, under the cement.

At first we thought a small hole or 2, was the problem, but the deterioration was much more extensive! As we extracted this grease trap, we realized that literally the entire bottom was so badly corroded that not only was there holes, but what remained was a paper thin remnant of a steel bottom just barely holding on.

High volume usage and the health department ever close by, it was a great choice to have this unit changed out immediately.

A new Zurn GT2700-25 grease interceptor with 3" no-hub inlet/outlet, a 25 gallon per minute flow rate and 50 lb. grease capacity was installed overnight, and the a.m. shift in this kitchen was not delayed.

Have a grease trap that needs replacing, well with the following pictures you can see first hand how this project looks from start to finish. Give our professionals a call, or visit our website at www.etchencommercialplumbing.com.
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