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Commercial three compartment sinks

Sometimes, businesses get stuck in a rut and have trouble figuring out what's the best way to improve your facilities and operations.  This problem is even more elevated for high volume kitchen facilities and restaurants that torture themselves by ignoring and delaying the inevitable, getting new stainless steel sinks.  

This problem can get worse.  Old sinks develop holes and splits where the metal is folded and formed, allowing water to drip to the floor, and possibly cause a slip and fall injury.  Also, your local health department official will not accept leaking sinks, and even minor leaks are unsanitary.  A welder could make a spot repair, but this patch has a limited life, and the leaks always come back.

Our customers love to invest in their businesses and facilities, and we have installed hundreds of new two, three, and four compartment sinks.  Our team at Etchen Commercial Plumbing are seasoned veterans at installing these fixtures.  

It's easier than you think, and it all can happen in one night!  Let's lay out the basic steps:

1.  Call one of our plumbers over to help you accurately assess your needs with you.  


    -Type of uses, grease traps, food waste grinders, electrician needed.

    -Reconfigure your space.  

    -Water piping and valve assessment.

    -Soap dispensers and backflow preventers

    -Water filtration needs.

    -Downsizing, upsizing, or going with the same.

    -Your ideal set up.

2.  Call and purchase from a distributor the sink(s), faucets, and accessories you will need.

3.  Have delivered to your building, and call us to schedule job.

4.  Etchen Commercial Plumbing comes and uncrates your fixtures, and assembly begins.

5.  The old fixtures are removed from service.

6.  Set in place the new fixture sink and begin to connect the water and drainage.






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