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Gas Piping

If you are in need of Michigan gas pipe services, we can help. Each building and home has some sort of energy supply to it. Natural gas or propane is most often delivered to various appliances through a gas piping distribution layout. We specialize in detecting gas leaks at defects in the piping. Through air testing or electronic sniffing devices we can detect the smallest flammable vapor leak and make the necessary repairs.

Given the range of our Michigan gas pipe services, we can assist you in many other areas as well. We can upgrade the piping and shut off valves when you purchase a new stove or dryer. Don't wait for the appliance to get dropped off only to have the installers inform you that your piping is out of date and unsafe. We can quickly determine the status of your gas piping and make recommendations that are safe and comply with local codes.

Would you like to relocate or add an appliance? Start with us for all your Michigan gas pipe services and make sure it can be done safely. Heated garage projects are our specialty. We can help you run the gas line needed and bury it underground safely. We can cut and thread iron piping or install new copper lines with press technology, and connect to water heaters, furnaces, boilers, tankless water heaters, pool heaters, and space heaters.



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