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Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are an important piece of equipment in the kitchen, and our Michigan garbage disposal services can keep yours running smoothly. They make different model garbage disposals for all the different users and their personal preferences.

If you prefer to grind up a lot of food from preparation, scraps, and left overs, then you will no doubt need a unit with a strong horsepower rating. The strength in horsepower means you'll be able to grind more food, without running the risk of jamming the cutting blades. For the lite user or occasional cook, a smaller horsepower garbage disposal would be a good fit for scraps and some foods, but cannot handle bulky or a large quantity of food.

Our Michigan garbage disposal services cover supply, install and service for In-Sink-Erator, Waste King, and Premier garbage disposals for residential, commercial, and institutional applications.



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