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Drain & Sewer Cleaning

We specialize in the cleaning of drains and sewers! We invest in the best equipment to get the job done right. Our highly experienced Michigan drain and sewer cleaning specialists can diagnose your problem and explain clearly what steps are necessary to fix the problem quickly.

Do you have water up to your ankles in the shower? Does your basement floor drain overflow when you use the washing machine or dishwasher? Don’t delay, call us to help you get those drains running fast!

Of course you never pour grease down the kitchen sink; but over time, food particles can build up and create a severe stoppage. Once the drain gets to this point, refrain from pouring drain cleaning chemicals in piping and fixtures. Chemicals are dangerous to handle, can tarnish your fixtures, and cause old piping to fail. Nothing short of reaming the pipe with our special cutter tips will alleviate the problem.

If you are experiencing gurgling, one of our plumbers will need to check for a possible stoppage in the vent stack. We can quickly identify and resolve the problem, no matter what it is. Call our local Michigan drain and sewer cleaning service and stop letting plumbing problems clog up your life.



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